Scarred By Heaven

This is a blog where I'll mostly be posting updates about the game as I work on it and discussing my thoughts behind the design, as well as occasionally just talking about my life.

Posts may not always be frequent for a variety of reasons, such as when I'm working on uninteresting small things, story details, or just don't feel like writing. Still, I think it's fun to create records of development as it happens, so hopefully you can find them interesting to read as well!

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  1. 06-07-24 -- Overworld Followers and New Character Sketches
  2. 21-06-24 -- Combat Demo 6-24 | Patch/Bugfix Update
  3. 8-06-24 -- Combat Demo '6-24' Release and Patch Notes
  4. 11-05-24 -- Spirit Stasis, and Other New Attacks
  5. 30-03-24 -- Combat Assists and Art Talk
  6. 09-03-24 -- Training Mode and An Obsession With Status Ailments
  7. 16-02-24 -- First Public Demo Release!
  8. 28-01-24 -- Preparing For A Demo