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8-06-24 -- Combat Demo '6-24' Release and Patch Notes

Hello! This is just a short post to commemorate the release of the new '6-24' version of the combat demo, as well as detail the notable changes.

Content-wise, this version is largely the same as the previous demo, but with a handful of adjustments and additions to hopefully improve the combat, improve the tutorials, and give a few more things to play around with in the demo's 'post-game'.

You can download the new demo here, or from the page. As always, I'd appreciate any feedback, and please report any bugs, crashes, or strange behaviors encountered. Thank you!

Patch Notes

For anyone interested, here's a full list of the major, observable changes since the original '2-24' version.

New Features:

Changes/Fixes To Existing Features:

Known Bugs:

Thanks for reading!

- Topaz

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