Scarred By Heaven

8. 06-07-24 -- Overworld Followers and New Character Sketches

Hello! This is only a very short post today. Since the last post, I've been mostly working on the game's script, which I still can't meaningfully show off in any capacity to my frustration. There are a few other little things I've been working on though...

Overworld Followers

As a break from all the script-writing I've been doing, I put together basic AI for NPC 'followers' on the overworld, who follow the player around. They'll be used during occasional story segments in which Saki is accompanied by an ally. It's not very exciting, but I find something about seeing them react to the player strangely satisfying and fun to mess around with.

(Seeing them all using the same placeholder Saki sprites is also funny to me.)

Character Portrait Teaser

I've also made a handful of new very rough portrait sketches for some of the game's secondary characters, including Leon from the demo!

I'm happy with how all of these turned out, design and 'personality' wise. While I'm excited to, I might not be posting much about these characters for a while, so I guess that makes this just a teaser for the wider roster--though I may be showing more on "Iris" (the game's third boss fight!) in particular very soon.

Personal Note

I think going forward, I might make try to make blog posts more frequent, but shorter and more succinct in this style. It makes them a feel less intimidating for me to write, and hopefully easier to read.

On a personal note, I've actually been sick for the past few days :(. I've been struggling to get much done in between feeling exhausted, my job and visits to various doctors, but I think I'm thankfully starting to recover. I did try to relax a little in my sickly haze, and ended up beginning a replay of 'Elden Ring'. I wasn't actually a huge fan of it the first time I played it despite generally liking the other Souls games, but I think it was because I didn't really have the right expectations going in, and I've been enjoying it more this time around.

I've still got a lot of script writing ahead of me, but hopefully I'll have a little more to show off in the next post. Thanks for reading!

- HSTopaz

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