Scarred By Heaven

Something of a local enigma, Friday has a habit of appearing wherever's there's something interesting in Jadewater, and disappearing just as quickly when she gets bored of it. Uninterested in lofty goals and caring little for the murder case, she views her power and the world it revealed to her as nothing but sources of entertainment.


"I'm just lookin' for a challenge! Whole town's got me bored shitless..."

Friday is a free-spirited thrill-seeker who doesn't care much for anything other than what's in front of her. Always wanting something new and exciting, she staves off ennui by moving quickly from goal to goal and scheme to scheme, and isn't afraid to break rules and laws in the process.

Surprisingly friendly and talkative, most people who aren't turned off by her crude demeanor and potty mouth find her to be fun, if rowdy, company. Although, it's very rare for her to stick around with any one person long enough for them to get to know her well.

Friday also happens to be the leader of large local gang named after herself, 'Parodia'. However, she doesn't seem to take the position very seriously, almost exclusively letting her underlings do whatever they want unsupervised. If anything, the gang is merely a means to reach one of her true passions—fighting.

While not a martial artist by any stretch, Friday enjoys recreationally brawling and street fighting, and often goes out of her way to search for worthy opponents. This pursuit eventually leads her to Saki, who (to Saki's own chagrin) has developed a reputation as someone who crushes any thug or gang who crosses her. Realising Saki shares the same power as her only made Friday doubly excited.

Unfortunately for Friday, Saki doesn't share her passion for pointless combat, and declines her request for a friendly one-on-one fight. Not wanting a fight where her opponent isn't 'feeling it', Friday respects her decision and leaves her be. Still, she can't help but keep wondering what *could* make Saki want to fight...


While very forthcoming with the fact that she has a 'Mark', she enjoys mischievously dodging the question about what that Mark's power actually is.

Judging from the state of those who've stepped into the ring with her in the past, though, it doesn't seem like she's using any weapons other than her fists--and it especially seems like she doesn't need anything more than that.

The 'mark' itself is on the left side of her stomach.