Scarred By Heaven

Having seemingly been one of the first in town to acquire his powers and discover the Otherworld, Livio is a leading expert on Jadewater's supernatural phenomena and the ongoing murders, for better or worse.


"You'll burn a hole in your brain if all you think about is work, y'know."

Toeing the line between laid back and lackadaisical, Livio likes to take his life easy. He cracks jokes as instinctually as he breathes, and tends to slack off whenever given the opportunity. He has a friendly demeanor and natural charisma that tends to win people over very fast, assuming they didn't have something they were expecting him to do.

While he does his best to avoid it, his flippant personality occasionally draws him into conflict--but even in a fight, his attitude very rarely changes. Livio carries himself confidently at all times, and often taunts and jokes with his opponents, treating them with the same weight he treats catching a large fish. This confidence can swiftly become overconfidence, but unfortunately for his foes, even getting beaten up does little to silence him for long.

Beneath it all, however, he seems to have a more serious, principled side. Having suspected a connection between the Otherworld and the murders for some time, he'd begun looking into the mystery on his own in the hopes of preventing further victims, and finding answers about the strange power he's been granted. However, it's only when Saki shows up that he finds his first big lead. After they resolve a 'small' misunderstanding, he agrees to team up with Saki and Yuri to pursue the case together.

While they work well together, his overly relaxed and jokey demeanor frequently puts him at odds with his allies, grinding against Saki's patience and making Yuri feel awkward with his quips. He often preaches the benefits of 'chilling out' to Saki, out of a seemingly genuine desire to help her out.


While you'd hardly guess it, Livio doesn't like losing, and can fight fairly well when given a reason to.

The power given to him, which he jokingly refers to as a "Tattoo" due to the burn-like mark it left on his skin, allows him to create and manipulate spectral chains from the palms of his hands. These chains have mass and weight to them as real ones would, but are capable of passing through solid surfaces at his discretion. He can extend and retract these chains from his hand at will, and while they can take the shape of either one large chain or multiple small ones, he can only create and maintain a few meters worth in total at a time.

To a limited degree, he can control the chains' movements like a limb, allowing them to wrap around and grasp targeted objects from afar, though the amount of control he can express wanes the longer they get. The strength of the chains is relative to the amount of focus and effort he's putting into maintaining them, with them being relatively easy to shatter with one's bare hands when they aren't the center of his attention.

In combat, he uses these chains in a variety of ways--as whips to strike at foes from afar, a ropes to pull them in, snares to trip them up, and sometimes even tying them into small balls to throw. He's restricted by them requiring a free hand and being relatively slow to conjure, and so gets very little mileage out of them at in close range scuffles. As such, he often toys with his opponents by pushing and pulling them around as they fight, hitting them with quick kicks up close, and keeping them away with chain strikes from afar.

Livio gets a lot of mileage out of the fact that people without Tattoos are unable to perceive the supernatural effects created by them, and thus can't see his chains. However, other Tattooed individuals *can* see the chains, and so his months spent fighting exclusively monsters who don't try to defend themselves and people who can't actually see his attacks coming might have caused him to get complacent in his techniques...

The 'tattoo' itself is his on the wrist of his left arm.