Scarred By Heaven

Having left her home behind, Saki arrives in Jadewater by chance, seeking to make her life her own. However, her plans are disrupted when she's thrown head-first into the supernatural anomalies haunting the town, as well as the bizarre serial murders tied to them. Undeterred, she struggles to find a way to balance both the responsibilities of her new adult life, and the risks of uncovering the truth.


"Taking a break whenever it gets hard isn't an option."

Outwardly stoic and standoffish, Saki is an introvert who rarely speaks unless spoken to, and seems to value her independence above everything else. With her newfound adulthood always at the front of her mind, she fixates on productivity above all else, and has a difficult time winding down.

She prefers keeping to herself, and quickly grows annoyed when this peace is unexpectedly interrupted--something which has led her into more than a few fist fights. While she's generally polite to anyone well-meaning, others usually find holding conversations with her difficult, and often see her as simply cold and uncaring as a result. Whether this asociality is a deliberate act of defiance or just the nature of her personality is unclear, as she likes talking about herself least of all.

However, despite her abrasive exterior, Saki has a strict moral compass and a strong sense of integrity. While it's occasionally difficult to reconcile with her work-focused mindset, pride, and patience, it's often a compassion for other people that drives her. She frequently finds herself going out of her way to help strangers in need (sometimes to her own confusion), and has a tendency to fall down bizarre rabbit holes as a result of becoming involved in other peoples' problems.

Over time, the case forces Saki to make friends with her fellow investigators, and she begins to grow slightly more comfortable interacting with people on a personal level. Work, however, still always takes a far higher priority than wasting her time on hang-outs and games--whether it's work at her actual job, or work on the case.


While never actively seeking out a fight, Saki is a force to be reckoned with when forced into one. Despite having little formal training in martial arts, she makes up for what she lacks in elegance with an imposing physique, formidable strength, and experience gained from spending her troubled teenage years brawling with punks.

The new power granted to her, which she takes to calling a 'Mark' due to the burn-like marks they leave on their owner's skin, has only amplified her fighting abilities.

As with all people who obtain 'Marks', the power given to Saki is entirely unique to her, and allows her to use her hands to create small otherworldly rifts in space that she takes to calling 'bubbles'. Anything that touches one of these pink 'bubbles' will be unable to enter it, and will instantly lose all of its momentum upon hitting the surface of it. An object (or part of and object) that get trapped inside a bubble as it's created will be completely frozen in time, and will store any force Saki applies to it in this state until freed, at which point all of it will be applied at once.

Saki can perpetually create small bubbles on the surface of her hand, or slowly swipe her hand through the air to create a temporary 'floating' bubble that's detatched from her body.

As she herself is immune to the effects of the bubbles, she swiftly learns to integrate it into her fighting style, effortlessly deflecting blows and blades with only her hands, and unleashing hell on anyone she’s able to catch inside of a rift.

However, as with almost all powers granted by Marks, Saki's abilities require a conscious effort and a physical strain to use. Creating floating bubbles is especially difficult without complete focus, and is too slow of a process to be performed constantly in the heat of battle. Even then, maintaining an existing one is difficult to do for more than a few seconds at a time, and so Saki prefers to rely mostly on the stopping power of her hands, and her pre-existing combat skills.