Scarred By Heaven

Only a high-schooler trying to make sense of a bizarre power he woke up with one morning, Yuri never imagined it would lead him waist-deep into a horrifying murder mystery. Borrowing courage from a newfound friend, he does his best to do what he thinks is right.


An energetic but meek young man, Yuri can't help but feel awkward in most situations. He's friendly and normally upbeat, but is easily made nervous and often struggles to express himself to other people. He especially seems self-conscious when it comes to talking about himself and his interests.

While always well-intended and deceptively intelligent, Yuri seems to have struck a perfect ratio between overthinking and acting thoughtlessly that maximizes his clumsiness, and often missteps into trouble as a result. It's one of these missteps that leads to his meeting with Saki.

Shortly after her arrival in Jadewater, Yuri unintentionally drags Saki into an altercation with some thugs he mistakenly angered. Saki swiftly resolves the situation with her hands, and leaves just as quickly with the impression that Yuri is something of a dumbass. Impressed with seeing her fight and deeply grateful, Yuri develops a healthy but obviously one-sided admiration for Saki.

However, when the pair eventually come to realize they both share the same otherworldly 'gift', they form an unlikely partnership and delve into the Otherworld to discover the truth behind the murders plaguing Jadewater.

Yuri's sense of justice is able to overpower his nerves, and he's able to (at least somewhat) put his fears to the side for the sake of the case. While he worries about how much he can contribute, he is eagerly awaiting an opportunity to repay the debt he feels he owes Saki.


Yuri's power, which he started calling a 'Mark' after hearing Saki call them that, allows him to cleanly and painlessly cut sections of his body off at any given position or angle. Once severed, he can either teleport to the position of that severed part at will, or simply reattach the part. These divisions can be as small as removing a finger, or as large as separating his head from the rest of his body. The 'cuts' are always straight lines going around the circumference of given point, with the cross-section and edge of the cut appearing to glow green.

Additionally, any severed body part will become a hard, diamond-like material and become virtually unbreakable. However, Yuri is unable to move or control the part in any way when it's severed, and it will remain locked in the same position it was in when it detached.

Unfortunately, Yuri isn't much of a fighter, and despite having had his powers for several weeks longer than Saki, lacks the same natural aptitude she has and somewhat struggles to control them. Mishaps in which they activate at an unintended moment, or don't activate when needed are frequent. (Though thankfully, no Un-Marked individuals have witnessed him unintentionally cutting off his own limbs yet.)

He prefers using his powers to avoid confrontation rather than resolve it, disorienting oblivious opponents with his teleportation, and occasionally slipping to the other side of small crevices by throwing a finger through. When push comes to shove, throwing his fist at people from afar usually bewilders them long enough for him to figure out an escape plan. He prays he never has to fight someone else with a Mark.

The 'mark' itself is on the right side of his neck, covering his collarbone.