Scarred By Heaven


Combat Demo 6-24: Download!

Combat Demo '6-24' | DOWNLOAD NEW!

A short demo of the game's combat system and an enhanced version of the '2-24' demo, released on 8-6-2024 and patched on 21-6-2024. The demo contains the game's first six fights (including the first two bosses) devoid of any of their story context, instead featuring a silly non-canon scenario that vaguely connects them. The demo also features a 'post-game' where you can freely fight the early game enemies. At the moment I consider this demo to be an accurate demonstration of how combat will look, feel and function in the final game. Though, you'll notice some placeholders and unfinished things in places, mostly in the battle backgrounds, some menu UI, and music.

As always, I would appreciate any feedback on the demo in the comment section below! Please report any bugs or strange behavior encountered, and record the error message if the game happens to crash. Thank you!

NOTE: Windows Defender may sometimes incorrectly flag the game installer as 'potentially malicious' when opened. This is unfortunately a known issue with the engine I'm using (GMS2), and with lesser known programs in general.


These are versions of the game that are entirely outdated, but kept available for archival purposes. I wouldn't consider them worth playing for any reason other than if you have an interest in ancient builds of the game.